227 – Online College Admission System Project

Online College Admission System Project deals with the maintenance of student admission process. This is an online system runs over the internet. Online College Admission Project is the lifeline of any educational institute. This is very useful application for institute in managing record of overall progress of the student in all semester.

Modules of Online College Admission System Project

Main modules are as follows:

  1. User login
  2. Edit profile
  3. Enquiry
  4. Apply for admission
  5. View mark sheet
  6. Class master
  7. Subject master
  8. Student registration
  9. Enter students mark
  10. Student list

Purpose and scope of Online College Admission System Project

The intention of developing College Admission System Project is to computerized the traditional way of student admission management. Another purpose for developing college admission system is to generate the various desired reports on a single click. Like student list, student mark sheet etc. This project is basically a web based application which means students can also access this system via internet and interacts with the system, apply for admission and view their mark sheet. This system can be used by any institute with general requirements.

Proposed Online College Admission System Project

This system allows new students to apply for admission in the institute. Admin take appropriate action on all the admission requests. After admin’s approval student are provided a login and password. Students can login and view their status of marks obtained in various semester from time to time. Admin can generate desired reports by this system.

Advantage of College Admission management System Project

As we know a computer can work more efficiently than human being. Therefore it becomes easy for the staff to speed up the student record management work. Data is protected by a login and password. This system is fast and reliable accurate information can be found within a short span of time. ‘Online College Admission System Project’ saves a lot of time.

Download Online College Admission System Synopsis

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Project NameOnline College Admission System
Project Code227
Project TypeWebsite
TechnologyAsp.Net(C#), Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 2000/-
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** PLEASE NOTE : These project are only for students purpose only

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