221 – Online Ticket Booking System Project Asp.Net Source Code

Online Ticket Booking System Project Asp.Net Source Code is an asp.net c# based movie ticket reservation application that allows customer to buy movie tickets in a few clicks. This powerful Online Ticket Booking System Project can be used on any website selling tickets for movie or other tickets.

Modules of Online Ticket Booking System

Main modules of Online Ticket Booking System Project Asp.Net Source Code as follows:

  1. User Login
  2. New customer registration
  3. Edit profile
  4. Change password
  5. Movie schedule
  6. Book tickets
  7. My tickets
  8. Cancel tickets
  9. My E-wallet
  10. Enquiry
  11. City master
  12. Cinema master
  13. Film master
  14. Screen master
  15. Show time master
  16. Movie schedule
  17. View schedule
  18. Show date opening
  19. Show class master
  20. Admin report

Objectives of online ticket booking system project

The project “Online Movie Ticket Booking System” is dedicated to the general requirements of multiplex theaters. The main objective of the project is to create an Online Movie Ticket Booking processing that allows customers to know about new movies, their schedules, cinema locations, class and ticket price etc. In the booking process when customer selects his city then cinemas of that city are filtered. In next step he/she selects his desired cinema where he/she wish to see movie, then selects movie and other details like show date, show time, class and no of tickets. Based on given parameters a graphical layout of seat status is visible to the customer. Now customer can select his desired seat location and number of seats. The Administrator will be able to see all booked and cancelled tickets.

Software Requirement

Front End                                            : Microsoft Visual studio.Net (with C#)

Back End                                              : SQL Server

Operating System                              : WINDOWS XP/WINDOWS 7

Future scope of project

Up till now all the activities of the movie ticket booking are performed manually, it requires more human efforts to manage the each and every aspects of organization which is very costly process. To overcome all kind of problems being faced by movie ticket booking process our project “Online Movie Ticket Booking System” will provide efficient and cost effective solution and always have possibilities of enhancement up any legal extent to satisfy user requirement.

The Project “Online Movie Ticket Booking System” is generalized software and can be easily used in any multiplex with little or no change. The Changes in software can be easily accommodated. The addition and deletion of the modules in software can be easily adjusted.

Download Online Ticket Booking System Project Synopsis

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Project NameOnline Ticket Booking System Project
Project Code221
Project TypeWebsite
TechnologyAsp.Net(C#), Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 4500/-
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