206 – Library Management System Project

Library Management system project is dedicated to the general requirements of library related daily works. Library project  uses SQL Server which equipped with great security features. This is a desktop based application.

Modules of Library management system project

Main modules of this project are as follows:

  1. Login module
  2. Subject module
  3. Book module
  4. Publisher module
  5. Member module
  6. Member renual master
  7. Qualification module
  8. Book Issue/Receive module
  9. Book search module
  10. Library reports

Preliminary investigation of Library management system project

While designing Library management system project the essential step was to study primary requirements of library. Too much effort has been done on this step. We personally interrogated with some library staff to know about their problems with existing system. After collecting enough data we started work on the system. Preliminary investigation in Library Management system includes different fact finding techniques.

  • We used short questionnaires, informal discussion and interview with management and operating staff of the library.
  • Second fact finding technique we used was Record review. In this task we saw current paper documents of the library.
  • We also did onsite observation. We visited to some library and saw their work in depth.

Features of Library management system project

  • Library information system project provide facility of storing and maintaining details of members, books, publisher database and book issue – receive work.
  • This project is menu driven with very simple and easy user interface. Book transaction and details of any member can be managed very easily.
  • Searching and sorting of record in Library Management system is very easy. Details of any individual record can be searched by giving its id.
  • User operations in this project are kept very simple. Any new user can handle records with very little or no training.

S/W and H/W Limitations of the Library management system project

  • Library Management project is a desktop based project. This project has been developed in VB6 that requires windows version of operating system. This system can run over the LAN but it can not work as web based system.
  • Library Management system requires SQL server as back end. The hardware needed to run this project should be little bit more that a normal desktop. This system can work on stand alone machine as well as over the LAN. This system can not work over the internet.

Download Library Management System vb6.0 Synopsis

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Project NameLibrary Management System
Project Code206
Project TypeDesktop
TechnologyVB.6.0, Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 1500/-
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