204 – Sales Management System

Sales Management System project is useful for inventory management in any organization. Also it can be used for managing their sales and  purchase orders. By the use of this application company can analyze daily sales and product inventory very easily.

Introduction to Sales Management System

Sales Management project is general purpose software developed based on the general requirements of a sale and purchase store. This project helps

Modules of Sales Management System

Main modules of this project are as follows:

  1. User login
  2. Add/Edit Unit
  3. Add/Edit Product
  4. Add/Edit City
  5. Add/Edit State
  6. Customer master
  7. Dealer master
  8. Supplier master
  9. Sales order
  10. Purchase order
  11. Sales reports

Objectives of Sales Management System project

The main purpose of Sales management project is to provide user friendly and fast working environment to the end users for sales and purchase. This project is computerized the manual process of any sale and purchase related work in the company. Sales Management System is a generalized system developed for handling all the work of any sale and purchase organization. Some of the main features of this system are as follows.

  • This is a desktop based VB6 project. It can run over the LAN.
  • The whole system is menu driven with all work can be done with simple clicks.
    Sales Management System provides facility of add, edit and delete details of customer, dealer, items, sales and purchase orders.
  • This system also works as inventory management such as item details, stock management etc.
    In this project any individual record can be searched by giving its ID.

Limitation of Sales Management project

  • Sales Management information system is a desktop based project. It can run over the LAN only, it can not run over the internet
  • In this project before start billing any new product its detail must be first saved in the product master and similar process in case of new customer, dealer etc.
  • This product dose not has bar code facility so it can not be used as Point Of Selling software as it will take little much time in billing.

Download Sales Management System vb6.0 Synopsis

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Project NameSales Management System
Project Code204
Project TypeDesktop
TechnologyVB.6.0, Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 1000/-
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