201 – Banking System Project code in vb

banking system project

Banking System project provides general banking features like deposit, withdrawal, fund transfer to another account, balance inquiry, opening new customer account, Stop payment, issue cheque book etc.

Introduction to banking system

Banking system project has changed the traditional way of maintaining details of customers account in the bank. This project gives real life understanding of daily banking activities performed by different banks.

Main modules of banking system project

  • Create new user/edit user
  • Customer registration
  • Customer account query
  • Deposit/withdrawal
  • Fund transfer and stop payment
  • Issue check book
  • Customer report
  • Deposit and withdrawal report
  • Stop payment report

Features of banking system project

Banking system vb6 project involves maintaining of customer account related information. This system requires greater speed and accuracy that is why the proposed system is the computerization of the old manual system. Account management involves maintaining data related to the customer and all transactions done by him/her. Banking system has some striking features over the manual system. With the use of this system lot of paper work has been eliminated. The most important feature of this system is that it takes too less time in comparison to the manual system.

Future scope of banking system project

This project is based on general requirements of banking, therefore it can be adopted by any bank with little or no changes. This system uses SQL server as back end so it provides strong security of sensitive data from unauthorized access. All the users are authenticated to avail services. Users access the banking system tools by providing valid id and password. The main advantage of banking system is that it has become a powerful tool to maintain daily banking work. It is a computerized system so it protect the system from the corruption and mistakes. Still there is enough scope of improvement in the system. This system has been developed in vb6 and flexible to accommodate any further enhancements.

Download Banking System vb6.0 Synopsis

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Project Name Banking System Project
Project Code 201
Project Type Desktop
Technology VB6.0, Sql Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR). 1000/-
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